Submission Guidelines for Local Authors at Sandman Books

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Congratulations, you've written a book!

Now, for the hard part: getting it to the readers.

We are a bookstore (not a publisher or a printer): this means that by the time you talk to us, you have in your hand a finished copy of your work. Our job is to physically stock printed copies of the book and sell them to the end user (the readers). We collect and remit sales tax on each sale, and handle all the other "paperwork" aspects of bookselling. We do not provide marketing, editing, or publicity services (you'll need to obtain those services elsewhere). Due to space limitations, we have a limited number of spots available for independently published (self published) works. At this time, those spots are full, but you may apply to be on the waitlist for when a spot becomes available. (Please note: there is a non-refundable application fee.) 

We are happy to support our local authors, but we ask that they support us too. If your book is accepted, you will be expected to encourage your friends and family to purchase it from us. You will be required to provide a link to our store from your website, and to promote us on social media.

Before you submit your waitlist application, read the rest of this page completely. If you have a question which we did not answer here, then you may email us with your inquiry.

Will Sandman Carry My Book?

Short answer: probably not. Acquiring a space on our shelves is extremely competitive and only a few new authors are accepted each quarter. 

Long answer: we receive about 1500 inquiries each quarter and we have space for a few dozen local (indie) authors. The odds are not in your favor. If you want to increase your odds, read this page carefully, follow the instructions to the letter, and be realistic: if your book is in a genre we don't need right now (such as poetry) then don't expect it to be accepted. No matter how many awards it may have won. 

Submission Guidelines for Authors

At a bare minimum, books must:

  • have an ISBN
  • be professionally bound and printed
  • display the title on the spine
  • have an attractive cover, designed by a professional
  • be free of typos and errors
  • have been edited professionally (by someone who is not the author, or related to the author)
  • have a marketing plan
  • have a website
  • have a demonstrable online footprint (if we Google you, what will we find?)

We strongly reccommend that you also:

  • hire a publicist or a professional marketing firm to promote your book
  • create a presentation or talk you can give which is relevant to your book
  • read this excellent article about how self publishing works:

How do we select books for Sandman?

  • Quality. If the book itself meets all the guidelines we listed above, you have a much better chance of being added to the waitlist. 
  • Local Interest. As long as the quality requirements are met, books about the Punta Gorda and Charlotte Harbor area usually skip straight to the front of the line.
  • Genre. The most popular books are local mysteries. At this time, we are not looking for memoirs / autobiographies, self-help, children's books, or poetry. 
  • Price. The list price of the book must be competitive with traditionally published titles in the same genre. In most cases, this means $18.95 or less. 

Events and Signings

Evie Alexander, author of Punta Gorda Ghost Stories, at Sandman Books 2019Before we can schedule an event with a self published author, the book must go through our selection process (see above). If the book is selected to be carried at Sandman Books, then we can discuss event booking. (Yes, we do charge a fee to host an event.) 

Each year we get hundreds of inquires from authors for all sorts of events. Most of these writers are hoping Sandman will carry their books, and host book signings for them. Because most authors do not have experience as event planners, there is a lot they don’t know about organizing and hosting a successful event. Successful events have a few things in common: good content, thorough promotion, and hard working authors. What do I mean by these things? 

  • Good Content. People won’t show up just because an author is here. On any given night, there are dozens of things happening in Punta Gorda. Dozens of other events are competing for their attention. If you want people to show up at an author event, you have to be interesting. Local readers tend to be drawn in by history talks, lectures on subjects they want to learn about (such as how to photograph local wildlife), and things that are unusual. If you want your event to succeed, be prepared with a rehearsed, well written presentation that has a catchy name.
  • Thorough Promotion. People won’t show up unless they know something’s happening. This is your event – it’s your job to promote it (or to hire a PR person). Submit the event to local media, look for interview opportunities, be active on Facebook, twitter, and instagram… there are dozens of free promotion opportunities, but you have to be willing to do the work.
  • Hard Working Authors. You may have spent years of your life writing the book, but the real work has just begun. Now you have to promote yourself (or, if you’ve already hired a publicist, you have to be sure they do it). Many other people, far more knowledgeable than I am, can tell you how best to do this. If you haven’t already sought them out, do so now.

If you are willing to put the time and money into promotion, you can succeed as a local author. 

Questions we didn't answer here? Contact us and we'll do our best to answer.