Weddings at Sandman Books

About the Venue

Sandman Books is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue located in Punta Gorda, Florida. For the bibliophile couple, tying the knot surrounded by hundreds of thousands of books is magical. And our Book Arch is the ideal location for book-lovers seeking a library wedding location. The bookstore can comfortably accommodate around 30 wedding guests. (For larger parties, we can make arrangements, but the cost increases due to the labor involved in rearranging the venue.) 

We also welcome bridal, graduation, and cosplay after-hours photoshoots. 

Sandman Books Military Wedding Florida Wedding Unconventional Unique Venue Library Bookish Wedding Book Lovers Wedding Bridal Bride Punta Gorda Book Arch Archway


Florida's economy is highly seasonal, so the cost to reserve the store changes depending on the time of year. (The fee for weddings starts at $495.) To book your fairy tale library wedding, contact us today! 

Previous Weddings

Here are a few photos of some of the happy couples. 

2020 - Sarah & Erik Engagement (wedding scheduled for 2022) 

Sarah & Erik Engagement Photo Session at Sandman Bookstore Books Library Bookshop Bookstore Tourist Wedding Florida Wedding Unconventional Unique Venuse Bookish Book Lovers Fairy Tale Wedding Harry Potter Wedding Fantasy Wedding

Sarah & Erik engagement photos © Nicole Cristensen with Forevermore Photography. 

2017 - Abigail & DeOndre (photography by Brian Idocks)

Wedding Sandman Books Book Arch Engagement Proposal Wedding Bridal Honeymoon Florida Punta Gorda Sandman Books Bookstore Library Wedding Fantasy Unique Unconventional Venue Fairy Tale Wedding

Abigail Wedding Photography Sandman Books Bookstore Punta Gorda Florida Southern Wedding Unique Unconventional Fantasy Venue Engagement Proposal Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast Ceremony Vacation

Sandman Books Military Wedding Ceremony Venue Unique Unconventional Florida Southern Bridal Proposal Engagement Bridal Photography Bookish Book Lovers Wedding Beauty and the Beast Library

2016 - Martin & Stephanie

Beauty & the Beast Wedding at Sandman Books Harry Potter Wedding Bookish Book Lovers Sandman Books Florida Honeymoon Punta Gorda Tourism Tourist Vacation
Martin & Stephanie, 2017 Sandman Books

Beauty & the Beast Wedding at Sandman Books Bookstore Library Sell Books Punta Gorda Tourism Tourist Vacation Getaway Honeymoon Fantasy Wedding Fairy Tale Unique Venue
Martin & Stephanie, 2017 Sandman Books

Sandman Books Wedding Book Arch Martin Stephanie Beauty and the Beast Bookish Fantasy Fairy Tale Wedding Unique Unconventional Venue Bride Groom Florida Punta Gorda Bookstore Wedding Library