Sandman Book Arch

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The Book Arch at Sandman Books

This massive art installation is a paper sculpture made of books that were destined for the recycle bin. Instead of being destroyed, the orphaned tomes were upcycled into a work of art by Scott Hill & Will Corner. The poetry of the elder books providing support for their intellectual descendants is not lost on booklovers, and the Book Arch has become a "must see" tourist attraction for visitors to Punta Gorda.

Originally installed on Burnt Store Road, the Book Arch was carefully deconstructed and relocated to 5240 Duncan Road when the bookstore moved there in 2019. It has settled into its new home well - stop by and see it as soon as you have the chance!

Book Arch Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida

Book Lovers Wedding Arch


Weddings & Engagements

The Book Arch is a great place for booklovers to tie the knot! More than one wedding has already taken place at this location and several are planned for the future. 

Nicole Christensen Forevermore Photography Engagement Photos Library Wedding
Sarah & Erik engagement photos © Nicole Cristensen with Forevermore Photography. 

Book Lovers Poetry Wedding Location Arch
Image by Brian C Idocks 

Harry Potter Wedding Location Library Book Lovers
Image by Brian C Idocks 

Beauty & the Beast Wedding at Sandman Books
Martin & Stephanie, 2017 Sandman Books

Beauty & the Beast Wedding at Sandman Books
Martin & Stephanie, 2017 Sandman Books

Costumes & Selfies

Cosplayers and bookish fashionistas flock to the Book Arch for selfies with this amazing background.

Beauty and the Beast Library Book Arch
 © Sandman Books. Model and costume designer: Morgan Katsarelas. 

How was it made?

Scott Hill (a native of Michigan) designed and built all the shelves at Sandman Books, as well as the art installation known as The Book Arch. When the time came to move the store, Scott was joined by the late Will Corner and they redesigned the Arch to fit more beautifully into the new location. Will's special project was the double rainbow, constructed of recycled vintage pulp fiction paperbacks.

Book Arch Construction
Photo by Sue Wade 

Building an Archway out of Recycled Books